Zaffar Akbar Presided Executive Meeting of Salvation Movement

Zaffar Akbar Presided Executive Meeting of Salvation Movement


Srinagar : Jammu Kashmir Salvation Movement chairman, Zafar Akbar Bhat on Sunday said that all principal stake holders of Kashmir dispute should take meaningful and sincere steps to resolve issue as per aspirations of people of disputed state.

People in &K are not war mongers, however prevailing bloodshed has pushed them to wall. Soon after his prolonged detention, Zafar Akbar convened an executive meeting of his party, held in Srinagar, Bhat said .

Zafar Akbar, demanded immediate halt on bloodshed and repeal of all black laws which provides free hand to Indian troops to kill kashmiris, saying it is the moral obligation of India to prepare conducive atmosphere for talks and release all resistance leaders and activists without further delay. Responding to the Indian home minister, Raj Nath Singh’s statement Zafar Akbar said that instead of rhetoric, parroting and looking issue through a particular prism, all parties to the issue should take into consideration the horrible and grim situation in state and should take measures for resolving the issue as per aspirations of people and as per guidelines laid in UN resolutions. Kashmir belongs to kashmiris and both Indo Pak have to free the state Jammu kashmir.

Kashmir is bleeding since past seven decades, Zafar Akbar said and added that the issue has proved a sore for whole continent hence no body on earth can deny the necessity of talks between all its stake holders, however mere rhetoric or slogans can never delver any good, instead sincer and rightful steps are needed to resolve this issue, Zafar added.

Kashmir is the bone of contention between two nuclear countries, Zafar said and added any flare on borders between two countries can lead to destruction and devastation in whole sub-continent.

Zaffar also paid glowing tributes to Shaheed Asiya and Nelofer of shopian and demand to punish the culprits, he said .

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