HCC Used Bandipora  As Milch Cow : Adv Nazir Malik

HCC Used Bandipora  As Milch Cow : Adv Nazir Malik

Bandipora : Located in Gurez valley of Bandipora district in north Kashmir, the 330 megawatt Kishenganga Hydroelectric power project that was inaugurated by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi recently has proven another example of glaring cruelty inflicted on Kashmir in the name of development, this was stated by NC Leader Advocate Nazir Malik

In a statement , issued to GMK , Advocate Nazir Malik stated – “Constructed at the cost of Rs 4,000 crore, the project that began in 2009, The HCC constructed this project on behalf of National Hydro Power Corporation. The memorandum of understanding was brazenly violated as the promised development of roads, giving public health care institutes to Bandipora was never implemented and the local populace just got peanuts. On environmental side, one is already aware that HCC has been no less than a catastrophe for the serenity of Bandipore. It is a well-known veracity that HCC diverted the chemically polluted water into the nearby beautiful and important streams of the area thus polluting Madhumati River, which is the main water source for whole Bandipore Township, and adjoining villages and all this has continuously made local population horrified. The lush green forest cover to was vandalized . The compensation that company had to ensure in lieu of this disaster has never been given.”

Advocate Nazir Malik observed that the constant nepotist, corrupt elected representatives (MLAs) representing Bandipora have developed criminal nexus with such elements as a result Badipora constituency has suffered on all counts as a result of this .

Advocate Nazir Malik lamented the fact that as with every NHPC project, 12 per cent of the power generated from the dam is expected to go to the host state, and an extra 1 per cent reserved for the host district – Bandipora. The rest goes into the national grid, thus giving peanut share to Kashmir.

He added – “ The unlawful approach of HCC does not stop here .Infact, the majority of local employees working all these years with HCC in Kashmir worked in hostile conditions and for a majority of time HCC made its employees to work under contractors and sub-contractors and thus reminding one of the bleak labor environment situation prevailing in the HCC, he said .

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