Dialogue is the only way out for disputants to move to sanity : Prof Abdul Gani

Dialogue is the only way out for disputants to move to sanity : Prof Abdul Gani

Srinagar : Addressing a huge gathering in ‘Khankah’ a historic mosque at Sopore, the

President of Muslim Conference Professor Abdul Gani Butt has said that the month of Ramadhan enjoins a duty collectively on all adult Muslims to observe fast with a view to developing a deeper sense of discipline and following in thought and deed with patience and perseverance the path to righteousness.

The month of Ramadhan promotes as a matter of principle, oneness amongst the followers of Islam and thus enables them in a way to be heard with seriousness and purpose. Explaining righteousness in the backdrop of oneness in his own typical style the professor remarked that righteousness comprises a phrase: if you cognize yourself, you cognize God. The phrase postulates that respect for humanity as a whole flourishes only in peace – peace at heart and peace at home.

Remember, the president said that where peace is denied for one reason or the other the fabric of human relationship tears into pieces and the forces of evil takeover and then happens what happens – the owls reign supreme in pitch darkness. Kashmiris have been caught in a web of deceit. Now is the time that they stand and break the web of deceit into pieces and demonstrate their will not to submit to domination but a mistaken step in the wrong direction could land us into trouble. Now is the time that we therefore understand the dynamics of change as well as watch carefully the under-currents of history. The change indicates that the awareness all across of the dangers inherent in the situation will push people to negotiating tables to resolve disputes in the larger interest of peace, development and prosperity.

War, let there be no mistake about it, is no alternative – probably inconceivable. Dialogue is the only way out for disputants to move to sanity. World economic order too will literally need all-time peace and, thus, efforts need to be set afoot to resolve all disputes, threatening peace. Considering the situation obtaining across the South-Asian region we will have to address the dispute on Kashmir and resolve it through comprehensive talks between India and Pakistan – sooner than later. Given statesmanship, accommodation and realism, maybe we in Kashmir too flourish in peace, development and prosperity.

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