Gaza-Israel border protests turn deadly

Gaza-Israel border protests turn deadly
Ahmed Qannan

GAZA : The Palestinian National Authority for the March of Return and Breaking the Siege said that “the momentum of the popular and popular return marches puts us in a national responsibility that we must continue to achieve its goals.
Since March 30, the Gaza Strip has been witnessing peaceful demonstrations under the name of the “Great March of the Return” and the breaking of the siege. The Israeli occupation forces have suppressed the demonstrations and killed more than 200 Palestinians and wounded more than 22,000.
The organization called on the settlers to protest against the killing of the settlers and to march against the occupation checkpoints in the occupied West Bank, as a prelude to strengthening the return marches, demanding that international and legal institutions pursue all enemy and settler leaders.
The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, stresses that the threats of the
Israeli occupation will serve as an incentive to escalate the return marches, demanding that the occupation end its siege on the Gaza Strip instead of “empty threats.”
In a press statement yesterday, Hamas praised “the legendary steadfastness of the Palestinian masses participating in the return marches and the breaking of the siege, their insistence on achieving their rights and achieving their just demands in life, dignity and ending the siege forever.” Occupation and the failure of its projects and plans.
The Israeli government can not agree to Hamas’ conditions for a cease-fire because these demands include lifting all Israeli restrictions on the Gaza border,” said Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman.
At a conference organized by the Maariv newspaper, Lieberman said that it was possible to push Hamas to accept a cease-fire in the event of a severe military strike on the movement in the Gaza Strip. “An understanding can be reached for a cease-fire in Gaza only after the IDF directs A harsh military strike on Hamas. “
“Whoever tries to harm the Israelis should be killed,” said Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett. “Instead of the cat and mouse game, we have to kill those who want to kill us, and any young person who infiltrates the Gaza Strip across the border will not be alive.”
“The protesters come to cut the fence and return to the Strip, firing kite planes and burning balloons and threatening our citizens,” Bennett said during a conference in the Hebrew newspaper Maariv yesterday.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday threatened to launch a new aggression on Gaza under the pretext of continuing the march of return, which Lieberman considered “a strategic weapon used by Hamas.”
Netanyahu stressed at the start of his cabinet meeting: “We are approaching operations of another kind against the sector, which is a violent strike on Hamas.”
Contrary to the position of the occupation government, which threatens Gaza with threats and threats and painful blows is imminent, the security establishment “Israel” expressed its reservation of a broad confrontation is unnecessary. However, in view of the escalation in the Gaza Strip, the southern command of the Israeli army is preparing to respond more sharply to the demonstrations near the fence on Fridays.
In the context of the Israeli occupation forces to suppress the demonstrators, Israeli military vehicles entered the eastern Gaza Strip early this morning to put a barbed wire in the border area in an attempt to prevent the demonstrators from returning from security.
While observers considered that the military establishment “Israeli” reservation reservation from a broad strike in order to retain the ability to surprise, other Israeli analysts believe that the security establishment is seeking a truce with Gaza for its preoccupation with the northern front against Hezbollah and Iran in Syria.
It is worth mentioning that in 2014 a cease-fire agreement was reached between the Palestinian factions and the Israeli government through Egyptian mediation, but Israel continues to violate it.

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